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If it's time to install a new toilet in your bathroom, it means going toilet shopping for the best prices and the best look. Once you've found and bought the commode of your choice, bring it home for installation. Here are the few tips to follow. So, grab your tools and settle down to install your toilet.

Purchase the wax ring and silicone caulk, Home Depot or your local hardware store. You can also purchase a toilet at these hardware stores. Some toilets come with all the hardware needed to install them while with others you'll have to buy the wax ring and bolts separately.

Put on your gloves and scrape the old wax ring off the toilet flange with a putty knife. If the toilet flange is broken, a new one will need to be installed. Scrub the bathroom floor clean where the old toilet used to sit. Insert a new closet bolt facing upward into each side of the closet flange.